First month of learning piano

Personally, I adore British accent, royal styles and of course, classical music. I like, or to be accurate, I think I like classical musics. Even though sometimes, I can’t truly feel the music, but I know that I would prefer it rather than hip hop or pop music nowadays. Once, I had a really good talk with my friend – who is currently pursuing career in musical industry as a full-time job. He explained about stages in classical music, basing on typical characteristic of social status at that time. It is quite impressive to me that I thought: “oh, so I was right when I was really can’t feel some of the classical music because they were focused in technical part (Baroque), not the rhythm side (Romantic)”.

However, I determine to learn piano in the most academic way that I can. First of all, I find myself a teacher, who could comment on my posture, my speed, on any basic error that I make. I practice along the Czerny Op. 599 and the first song is A little Love. It has been 3 weeks since my first class yet I have merely reached the middle of the song (!)

Everyday, I am trying to spend one hour practising (actually, I can’t) and hopefully I can finish this song at the end of this month :->




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