Reading habit

A few years ago, I hardly read books. It was really tough finishing any books belongs to any topics to me. The problem is my reading pace was very low and I had trouble with concentrating when reading in long time. When I was a child, I spent most of my time studying, or watching cartoons and playing around with my cousins and our neighbors. Reading comics was an extra activity I did during summer vacation or after all the homework exercises had been finished. Even though my dad always encouraged me to read book, in the correct way, I couldn’t manage to have enough time to finish one. I found it more interesting to study along a math coursebook.

Despite of the fact that I love book, and love buying them also, I still couldn’t find myself able to read for at least an hour on any specific book. I think, one of the most important reason is that I was easily distracted by random thoughts, sometimes relevant, and sometimes not, to the stuff I was looking at. This situation could be explained in two ways. One is because I had many things to pay attention to, and they were not orderly arranged giving me hard time and didn’t know what to do first. The other thing is because I was’t really interested in the topic. When I was young, I was only excited in math.

Besides, I focused wholly into school grades, how I was doing, what my score was, where I was ranked in the class. This was also partly affected by the education method of my parents. Not only in Vietnam, but also in general Asia, students have no choice other than studying hard, getting good grades and graduating university that they could have good life in the future. Of course, education is the most important aspect when nurturing a child, yet many parents understand this in a wrong way by imposing the idea of getting high scores at school meaning their children are being educated well and enough. Fortunately in my case, I wasn’t forced to go to any extra classes after schools like many of my friends were. My dad believed that self-study can totally lead us to success and those extra classes only cost parents more but not make their children smarter. I’m grateful for that 🙂

After graduation from university and starting working, I could save a little time for reading. At first, I tried to read through some of romantic novels, from Marc Levy, Guillaume Musso, then moved up to other type of novels of Hiraki Murakami. Luckily, having a friend who is into reading could be such a great motivation for me. I started reading other categories such as non-fiction science, psychology, and other fiction books like Lord of the Rings as well. In the beginning, I could only focus for about five minutes, then ten, half an hour and today, I could read continuously 2 hours on a book! It is such a huge development and I still train myself to read whenever I could, instead of putting my nose on cellphone like millions of people out there.

I would prefer learning in depth about one topic than reading through hot news (which are probably about rising stars in showbiz, or new technology to update) via internet. Definitely advantages of Internet is inevitable, however, its drawbacks outweighs its pros hence I would like to take my life back under my control 🙂

Currently, I have reached the third week in my reading challenge during 3 months (13 weeks) started from 1st June 2017. My first book was “Predictable Irrational” – Danial Ariely and the second one was “The smartest kids in the world” – Amanda Ripley. The former one is a psychology book, about human behavior researched among daily activities and applied into economical decision. The latter one focuses on education system, basing on real experience of exchanged students, PISA (an international examination testing reading comprehension and mathematics ability) results, which I find really interesting. Anyway, I will have a separate entry for each of them later on to update my progress 🙂






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