Changing period

It’s about 2 more weeks staying in my current position at my current company before moving on to a new place with a sound-better contract and position in term of my career path.

Even though I have planned to finish tons of things while I’m here, it’s quite out of my control what I have done so far, as well as what I can do in the rest of the time. The feeling of leaving making me to be paralyzed and so much less energetic. So, I have decided to make a plan for handing-over to somebody, whom I haven’t known yet, for the next 10 days. It consists of:

  1. What needs to be done regularly should be done in time, by me
  2. What to tell the new guy about what to do, step by step with pictures (like wikiHow)
  3. Prepare anything I can in advance (form, reports)
  4. If only I am a prodigy in programming, I would learn VBA and make my life easier with weekly, monthly report which consumes so much effort to copy and paste, or those boring repetitive tasks.

Okay, that’s my plan. Let’s see if I could accomplish the mission on time.


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